May 1, 2009

End of the Road

Everyone was saying that everywhere in Newport sucked.
Well, one place was kind of fun, if you like getting completely smashed.

The swell coincided with the start of the Newport to Ensenada sailboat race.

The usual HB lurkers creedled their way down. Brandon Tipton got a decent one.

Ryan Turner threw a leg stall for old times.

That's one way to ride it.

Geoff Moysa stuff himself into a weird one.

The view from the wrong side of the tracks.

Even I got a fun one! The boogieboard was psyching on it... haha
thanks to scsDigital for the pics...

Right before sunset some SpaceCase charged some complete walls.


To death!

That's not going to end well....

Alan, now a gimp, enjoyed himself from the sand.

Another glorious Newport sunset.

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