May 6, 2009

Tent Day in the parking lot.

Echo Beach held a tent festival thing of sorts.

The site. Right by Blisss, Cordell and the wonderful BEAR FLAG.

Ratty Matty got his hairdo cleaned up.
He's number one.

Hoyer walks around like he's got a monkey on his back.

Tos and Tito. Eat Bear Flag.

Analog kept the kids running for promo.

S is for Spencer.

Alan was there, gimp style.
He tried to skateboard with his bad knee and JP from Smith told him "no."

Kids squirting product.


LMiller haircut.

She thought I had product in my hair..... I didn't.

Moysa creating the future.

Kids are weird.

But they love mohawks!

The Crowd played....

Hoyer is exciting.

He wasn't the mean one. But it still meant the end of the day.

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