May 11, 2009

VQS action in and around your mouth

During the VQS sometimes we get all filmed up on the action, so here's a few snaps.There's lots more so here just the first batch.
There was definitely some action going on all weekend.

The Alien made a showing. Lovely to see him in Newport.

Mitch Coleborn stopped by as well.

Punker Pat in and around the contest area.

Moysa's switch air.

Hoyer is up to something.

Something like hail-maker punts.

And other nifty smaller versions that are pocket size.

Bones cracking one around 1 o'clock.

Doheny and the tail toss.

Nate Yeomans rollio.

Bones rollio.

Mister Miester.

Eli Olsen from Hawaii. Skinny kid on skinny wave.

Matt Myers sliding into town, high on neon.

Bones on the rocks.

Mooooysa's hands tell the water where to go.

We'll leave you with this beautiful image of Hoyer, his long wonderful locks blowing in the breeze. "Is it onshore of sideshore?"
Just look at Hoyer's head.

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