May 22, 2009

VQS action in and around your mouth pt. no more

Just a couple more surf pics from the other weekend.

Dusty and the move of the moment.
This turn-air-huck thing is really bringing home the $$$.

The Alien, Gavin Beschen.
This is his money maker jam sandwich.

Mitch Coleborn flaring.

Bones looking in fine form.

Daniel throwing down. He surfed off to the side of the contest with a couple buds: Hoyer, Tom Curren and Gavin.

Daniel popping a little guy while Bones goes tumbling out the back.

This kid, Luke Davis rips.

Whatever, I heard he's really like 27.

Hoyer's always good for a boost.

Ford's Cruz Boosta-moƱte.

Ford's lazy-man cutty.


The Alien, all blacked out.

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