March 21, 2010

Ben Brough's “Sudden Sense of Liberty”

Any chance to check out some new art by Ben Brough is a treat. We headed out to Santa Ana for the opening of his new work. The gallery is actually really close, and although you can see the works here, I recommend seeing them in person!
Hilldweller Ben Brough.

The show features 28 new pieces by Brough. Sticky and I liked the purple on this one.

Curbside Gallery doing it's thing.

You might recognize this piece. Best seen in person though.

Sidewalk drinkers.

Nancy approved good time.

So sick...

Which hand will you use?

Brough got the best picture of the night. Look close, he's snapping a pic of a fully suited clown driving a Mustang.... randomness!

Go check out Brough's artshow while it's still showing!

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