March 17, 2010

Cali Rally - revisted Santa Barbra

As we continue to revisit the Cali Rally, we find ourselves in Santa Barbra.
I guess you people like to party up here huh?

Stairs to nowhere.

See that doo doo covered island? Hoyer paddled out to that.

Made a friend.

Harris recruiting at Rincon.

Harris with the Analog girls wrestling team.

Let the match begin!

That is whipped cream flying.

Full pin about to go down.

Things got serious.

Your sticker fell off.

Me thinks we have a winner!

They're still friends.

A sulfur bath to cure what ales ya. Natural hot springs smell bad.

Can you see the stink fumes pouring out the back of the van?

Little D laughing it up in the back, as we all die a little.

Time to recoup.

A spa to cure the scandal.
Check back tomorrow as the Cali Rally revisited goes even further North!

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