March 9, 2010

Midway Down Rights

Hooked up with the Gorkin right before he left for Hawaii. The man can jump.

Lien rotators are some of my favorites. You really gotta send it on these.

Big ole dropper.

Jenner Heller was out there. Prolly drove 4 hours at 6AM to get there.

Gorkin, backside whip.

Fin blast.

Joe Alani. I think I have a wave of him when we were 16 that's just like this, same spot too.

Gorkin face spray.

Pulling out the namesake.

Cleaner booster.

These leg kicks he's been doing are super tweak.

Mini jump.

Random booster following suit.

Little Gorkin.

Another guy ramping out.

Gorkin extension.

There's still a spring in that step.

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