March 19, 2010

Cali Rally - revisted Morro Bay

Today we revisit the Paint Ball showdown in Morro Bay.

The paint ball competition was a draw, so we picked the two badasses of the day (and the trip) to have a old western style shoot out. The owner brought out his own personal dueling paintball guns and JOSH HOYER and NICK ROZSA squared off.

Notice Hoyer's chest.

Now look. I could only shoot one of them, but amazingly they both hit each other. Both in the chest, although Hoyer's shot hit closer to the heart. The owner said it had never happened before.

So I think they did it again, and Rozsa nailed Hoyer. I forget.

Maybe not, since Hoyer got the trophy.

And the back wounds.

And the flies on them....

Harris with a little slob.

Little D toss a mini pizza.

Harris about to drop trow.


Hoyer snazzing up the van.

Little D in his shack of weeds.

Then we ended up in Salinas? Where someone had to swim the river.

By this point we were beat up and everyone was over it, so the youngest had to paper/rock it.
Here's Harris losing.

Harris in the background just getting out of the river, while Bones is happy to be dry.

Not the cleanest swim.

Hoyer found a new friend while we waited.

Next update: Things get mystical in the forest of Santa Cruz!

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