March 14, 2010

Cali Rally - revisited

Because of the hectic schedule of the Cali Rally while we were on it, and the endless editing it took to create the winning video, most of the pictures from the fun never got posted. Here's a look at some of memories Analog created while winning the 2009 Transworld Cali Rally.

This is some action from the Orange County chapter:

Bones and the ride of his life.

Jason Harris, checking off the lien grab points.

Wahoo's gathering of great minds.

Bones looking happy as a clam.

Looking good boys.

Bringing in the shopping cart full of fun stuff!

Little D and his sparking apple juice!

Little D, blowing sections.

Moysa instructing some camera action.

Zinka just won't come off.

Hoyer, always the man in black.

Hoyer and his ladies.

Bones and Nick Roza.

Dodgeball mayhem vs. team ...Lost

Pretty in pink.

Bones, switch floater.

Mike Morrissey living the dream.


Analog sponsored good times.

Check back tomorrow for more Cali Rally action...

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