November 28, 2007

'Extensions of You' art show

'Extensions of You' art show was held at The Pinch in Costa Mesa, Saturday November 17th.
With an artist line up consisting of:

Tyler Alexander
Kristi Mcknight
Greg Byers
Morgan Hill
Teddy Kelly
Danielle Catte
Todd Swanson
Lugo Lugo
Justin Ruiz

DJ DAX did his thing and the whole time the gallery was filled to capacity with art lovers and beer drinkers alike. I have been involved with more than a few shows at The Pinch and attended more shows than that, never seeing the place more packed with people having a good time than they did during the opening of 'Extensions of You.' Cold drinks were provided by Firestone Brewery and we dusted that stash real quick, leading to a big thanks to Justin Ruiz for saving the day with a few 30 packs for the thirty masses. The art was a good variation including everything from wood, paint, and photos to skateboards and in Tyler Gill's case, tears. Hell even Morgan Hill sold some art. The show is open until this Friday, so if you missed it make sure to make it there for the closing show Friday night and drink some free good wine and buy a piece of art!

the blurry gallery.
outside drinkers.
mike morrissey.
ruiz and his wonderful 30 packs.
stu crew and lugo.
jerry the mad scientist in front of lugo's art.
and his son D-kubed.
pack em in!
The Niz, Captain, Lugo, Koala.
Tweedledee dee and Tweedledum dum.
Casey O'neal and his muse.
Luchiano is hard to spell.

some of Tyler Gill's art.
Madman Demartino.
Coastal pirate Tupman.
lugo and punker.
Greg Shit.
Klee and Tyler.
The Clapp airs one out.
vannester brings the pain.
Alisha shows off her two balls to sticky, then helps him count them, while spencer is lost.
the man wearing teddy bear slippers regales meeks with stories of his boy hood.
teddy's skateboard and ruiz's blue painting.
spencer writing on cars he can't afford.

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