November 19, 2007

The Return of Beanies And Bikinis

Oh's back...This Saturday the 24th Sun Diego is hosting Beanies and Bikinis III at The WaveHouse SD with MC/part-time SDSU Surf Team Coach Party Boy Pete ...The event includes a snowboard rail-jam in the parking lot next to the infamous roller coaster, followed up with a sleaze-fest known as the bikini contest. Professionals in both competitions are vying for some serious fall in both categories is the most coveted prize of all with Sketchy D taking the prize on the snow last year while the notoriously large breasted gal in red easily slid into 1st place with her jacuzzi tumble...Here's a link to last year's extravaganza

Be there's a guarenteed good time...or at least you'll watch some sick snowboarding in a parking lot and get to rub bums with some hotties...git summ...

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