November 13, 2007

Will Shit and Zoo throw a party!

So a couple of weeks ago, Will Shit and Derek Zoolander decided to through a party. Some freaks decided to dress up as red people and some people decided to dress up as white people. Not the color or their skin, but the color of their clothes. Some super freaks decided to color their skin red, but like I said, they were super freaks. Props to the boys for getting security to only let in the girls while making the guys have to plead and beg and say they were on the list. Nice touch of class...

Speaking of class, Will and Zoo decided that they'd much rather have a mini-ramp than couches in their living room.
Is that the best you could think of?

Some rufi-coloda flavored jello shots

Axel Zoo passing out the goods

Hosseini with a couple black eyes after losing in Bear/Hunter/Ninja...and there's the red super freak

some white chicks in the middle of the ramp

there he is again

and there's a red chick

Professional flowboarder Greg Lazarus from South Africa was caught of guard as to how horny these American chicks were

the whites vs. the reds

Greg Shit felt on top of the world dispensing beers to people

Laz feeling very peaceful not having to be worried about lions sneaking up on him

Shook looking like his sis, while Spence, and lil Vandeberg get creepy

Zoo is white

Morgan Shit is red and a little freaked out by hot chicks who fart

Dougie Shit and Spence have the standard spit-off

Laz is only used to seeing this spit-off occur with elephants out in the bush
Morgan Shit wants nothing to do with it in his shnazzy red clothes
Klapps boobs get shiny
Dougie likes shiny boobs...don't we all
Laz thought Zoo was a pretty Gazelle, so he gave him the standard Gazzele greeting
This is how Laz fists Gazelles when he's home
This is how Zoo fists his girlfriends
This is how Spence finds his girlfriends
She couldn't understand a word he was saying, but she laughed anyways
Gold, Laz, and Zoo acting out their mating calls
This chick fell so many times she was bleeding everywhere and didn't even care
These homos just stood and laughed at the poor bleeding gal
Gang members are tough in the hood around USC
Love birds
Laz needed to test the flexibility of this Cheetah
Laz claimed he was hung like the elusive red-tongue elephant, but the cheetah knew better
Greg Shit is buff and he wanted everyone to know
White man Will Shit with a white girl
Party people

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