November 19, 2007

White Ribbon Of Death

Went up to Mammoth with Sticky and Randy Bruce from VZ for some opening weekend shredding and boozing. We didn't expect the snow to be worth cause there was only one run open, but that was OK, it was the first mountain to open in CA and my snow legs were itching. We arrived just in time for the CapKo's VonZipper ShinDig at Whiskey Creek where all sorts of debauchery ensued and many a goggle was given away. Somehow woke up in time to snowboard the next day. Weather was warm with mediocre spring conditions, but it was still great to snow slide. We had a 3 runs to 2 drinks ratio going and the sun-deck bar was the place to be. The next night was the Skullcandy party at yet again; whiskey creek, got all weird n wild. The next morning I woke up to Snowfall and white trees. Sticky called to say my ride back to Newport was on its way, but i just couldn't take it, it was snowing for fuks sake! I just said I was staying and i'd find a ride home. At that point my 2 day trip became a 5 night trip. Thank you to jessica from huntington for the ride home! Anyway... it snowed non-stop all day alternating between big fluffy flakes and grainy wet stuff. Just under a foot fell at the top of the chair and everything got all nice and fluffy. The next 2 days were perfect bluebird with more park stuff and some wonderful off trail madness with hidden rocks to eat of the base of my rock board. Some of the best features were the mountainbike cliff jibs with snow on top. good stuff. Thank you randy, sticky, kelli, chip, adam and the staff of base camp cafe! we'll all be back up there for thanksgiving weekend and beyond! heres 5 pics from my iPhone:

Wooley Mammoth!

This Is what I woke up to in the window my first morning...

The iPhone getting warpy

View From Kelli's Balcony

I Ate Chili In A Breadbowl, Yum

Free Chip!

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