November 5, 2007

Back to Tokyo

After Miyazaki we went back to Tokyo.
Somethings in the air.
Something traditional among the skyscrapers.
This is how you buy your food some places. You find the meal you want, buy your food ticket and then take it to the cook. Weird yet colorful.
It's kinda a gamble to find something decent from a tiny picture and Japanese characters.
Marlon loves this shit; he just wishes there was a fish head in it.
Jap Ragmag Rack.
JP rolling the dice on some lunch tickets.
Super hillside at Chiba.
Storm waves.
View from one of the rooms.
Sushi Dinner.
Crazy cotton-candy dipped sushi.
It was scary and really good.

A round of tequila Japan....
who does that?
Japanese lookback.
Hanging with the Colonel.
Mobile dance party setup.
Small people, big building.

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