November 5, 2007

Water Tried to Kill Me - lido screening for popp

ShoresCrew had a benefit night for local Newport surfer, Adam Popp. Popp suffered the horrors of testicular cancer and survived to tell about it ...and build a charity! the Back on the Board Foundation. ShoresCrew took over the Lido Theater in Newport Beach and held a screening of Water Tried to Kill Me, a huge raffle with the proceeds all going to the charity and the night ended with a performance by The Pricks.The venue.
The raffle included a custom Pricks surfboard made by Wallin Surfboards.
Hod sighting. Looking good too.

Loves his job face.
Eager beavers.
Ratty Matty.

Newport Harbor alumni group shot.
Japan represent!
Hoyer is excited....
Mcglaughlin and Johhnyboy.
These people are hip to the jig.
(L->R) RickyMonster, Adam Popp, Hoyer's head and Dolkiss the bumble bee.
Fact: Pretty girls sell more raffle tickets.
ShoresCrew bores Randy Bruce.
Fill it up, fill it in
Hod giving love to Japan.
A wasp got loose in the theater.
Spides won the grom board and a buncha stuff!
Ticket Master.
Pricks going on and going off.
Tito's got lungs.Pricks.
ShoresCrew japan after show drinks.
Morgan Shit.Will Shit (no relation) and the chalkboard of truth.
Peace from Japan.

Thanks a million to all the sponsors of the event and to all those who donated product for the raffle. Couldn't have done it without you. Great success! We ended up raising over $1500 dollars for Adam. We all went surfing the next morning and Adam is still shredding!

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