November 7, 2007

PooPort gets a south.

travis potter.
thick one.
Max Mcllwee getting a good one.

A good barrel ruined.

This was the cause of some beach drama.

Basically made it.
Max Mcllwee
Max Mcllwee pulling in after the turn.
Travis Potter taking a go on the right.
Sometimes Hoyer doesn't weigh enough to get into waves.
But he's still light enough to lift off.

Hoyer and the underwater board.
Ben Knight.
Max Mcllwee.
Spring Break Spencer laughing all the way.
Ryan Turner with a good one and no boogie boarders crumbling it.

Ben Knight setting up for a good one and then getting bucked off
...looks like that same boogie causing problems!

Everyone forgot, it's street sweeping for wednesday today! HAHA!
thanks hoyer for reminding me, and bones for moving my mobile.

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