November 29, 2007

The Grinch - early for Xmas

today we stumbled upon local maniac Jamie Lovett and his so-called "GRINCH" .
this thing is some sorta motorized winch system that'll tow you at things way too fast .
also seen was ratticus matticus who was showing us that learning has its consequences .
all in all , the grinch is quite impressive and shows great potential for flying and gouging !

Jamie and the grinch

Jamie boosting


swimmin the dirty river

matty !

Jamie gets inverted

frontside gouger on a 6-inch wave in 6-inches of water , Jamie

local enforcement stopped by to enforce

dog-owners beware

if only Oz had stayed on the other side of them rocks , that lil doggie woulda been legal

Jamie rotation

Jamie's friend Rob was boosting too

boost gone wrong


Jamie frontside turn

Matty backside turn

HA ! matty !!


one final booster . Jamie KILLS IT !!!

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